• Street musicians playing traditional music from Georgia, with Garmoni (cousin of accordion) and Doli (georgian drum). Dancers come from the public. Here everyone dances, and it’s beautiful! Recorded in Batumi. August 2014.

    • Official presentation by the ministry of culture of the autonomous republic of Adjara (Georgia) of the different polyphonic ensembles of the region. On this video, Atdzali and Shuakhevi ensemble. Recorded in Batumi. August 2014.

      • I couldn’t count how many polyphonic ensembles i have seen in Georgia. But i particularly liked this one, involving a bunch of super talented kid dancers! Recorded in the conservatory of Tbilisi, September 2014.

      • Polyphonic ensemble Keselo from Tusheti region of Georgia, performing a tushetian love song in the dressing room of the Conservatory of Tbilisi.
        Recorded in Tbilisi, September 2014.

      • The ensemble Daimoakhk Aznash, formed with Chechen-Kist women from the Pankisi valley, in the georgian Caucasus. This sunni sufi people emigrated in Georgia during the different chechen wars of the 19th century. The ensemble is here performing a sufi chant during a rehearsal on the stage of the conservatory of Tbilisi. Recorded in September 2014.

      • Daimoakhk Aznash, Chechen-Kist women choir from Georgia, is rehearsing along with two dancers on the stage of the Conservatory of Tbilisi.
        Recorded in september 2014.

    • Daimoakhk Aznash ensemble, and its powerful music that literally blew my mind. Three traditionnal chechen and georgian songs, for an epic ride through the snowy peaks of Caucasus mountains. Recorded during a rehearsal on the stage of the conservatory of Tbilisi. September 2014.

  • A selection of my favourites ensembles of georgian polyphony recorded during the Seventh International Symposium on Traditional Polyphony held in Tbilisi during the 22-26th september 2014.
    Recorded during the rehearsal or during the performance.

  • Traditionnal georgian dances, performed by students from different universities of Tbilisi during an official open air ceremony for granting best students of each university. Recorded in Tbilisi, september 2014.

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