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Foreword: this is the welcome page for my project ‘A trip to Accordeonistan’. You can find the blog articles in the homepage; however these articles are organised by country in the ‘Articles’ page. Finally, you can find in english a sum-up of all the recordings and videos i uploaded during my trip : they are sorted by countries in the page “The sounds”!

While on this first day of spring the majority of the Persian world along with the people of central Asia are celebrating the Nowruz, literally meaning ‘new day’, marking the new year on the Iranian calendar, I am getting ready to strap on the braces of my accordion for a musical journey on the mythical Silk Road.

Because I have almost no idea about the genre of music played in Azerbaijan or Uzbekistan, and because in my opinion (forgive me if I am mistaken) very few Azerbaijani or Uzbek people have heard an accordion waltz, I have therefore decided to put an end to this intolerable situation.

The idea: to travel with eyes and ears open wide, accordion on my back, camera and mic in hand, with the hope of meeting musicians, storytellers and other acoustic artisans who are shaping the oral and musical culture on the Silk Road. Capturing music, testimonies and atmospheres, I wish to create a fresco of sound which depicts the musical diversity of the Silk Road. And seeing as I can’t be the only person to wonder what Tajik music is really like (well, I think so), I obviously intend to share my recordings with you. My ears are your ears, tadaaa.

And of course, because my travels promise numerous encounters, rich in discovery and emotion, I also wish to express the universality of the musical language through my own culture, thanks to my own personal mode of expression: the accordion. My subtle ally of travels – and incidentally generator of improbable and delicious experiences.

The ‘Accordeonistan’ therefore exposes this entirety of countries, unknown and initially inaccessible (for me in any case), from which I count on piercing the mysteries thanks to the power of encounters that are musical, and so that I can personally express myself with my accordion. This project does not therefore have a particular destiny to fulfil an inventory of different forms of accordion met with on my travels, or styles associated with them, but is interested rather with all types of music, song or art which illustrates the musical culture on the Silk Road.

This blog will therefore be my means of recounting my adventures, illustrated with photos, videos and recordings of the different artists I meet while on my travels.


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  1. Hi Adrien! C’est Bashu l’accordéoniste de Montréal. J espère que ce formulaire va aller à ton inbox. Je serai autour de Istiglal et Sokag Kahvesi ce soir avec mon accordéon et j’aimerais bien jouer avec toi! On peut faire un échange des tounes. Je serai là après 8pm ou quelque chose. Envoie moi un courriel!

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