The accordion-trotter

Adrien SEGUY


Because I love the music we can share, we can dance, we can sing, at the top of your voice, eyes closed, eyes open; the music which carries you away, wakes you up and electrifies the atmosphere; I always took an immense pleasure to rock around with my accordion. And because i’m way too curious about the world we live in, I just have one thing in mind : see how the people of the world “rock around” in their own way.

The idea of such an adventure started in 2012, during a short get away on our sunny european roads with my old good accordion Weltmeister Stella (german quality, unbreakable), whereas i randomly found myself playing a french waltz for the municipal orchestra of a very charming ukrainian town in the Carpathian Mountains. Fascinated by such a spatio-musical anachronism, and after having survived the endless vodkas and warm embraces with the corpulent musicians of the orchestra, i decided to do it again one day, looking for musical horizons always more random.

Here I am now, with an engineering diploma freshly in the pocket, seizing the opportunity, too beautiful, to start this trip again where i had left it : at the doors of the Orient.

Musique de rue Berlin

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