I would like to thank all the people who helped me, directly or indirectly, to make this project a reality, and in particular :

  • All the awesome “Kissbankers” who enabled to finance a part of this project via crowdfunding (and who blew up the ceiling amount of money requested, awesome Kissbankers i said!) : Lea Bernier, Lucille Billon, Bruno Coffineau, Isabelle Coffineau, Jean-Pierre Coffineau, Valerie Coffineau, the DRIDD team, Aurelien Fallon, Jonathan Fallon, Michel Fallon, Nathalie Ferrand, Simone Ferrand, Valentin Fougerit, Guillaume Hariot, Thomas Liverzay, Laurie Maintier, Antoine & Sabou, Catherine Rogeon, Annie Seguy, Jeremie Seguy, Sophie Seguy, Sylvie Seguy, as well as the essential Pierre Weyl.

And more particularly :

  • My awesome family, who always find a reason to explore this or that part of the world, and who probably passed me this annoying habit;
  • My violonist friend Jonathan Fallon, who host this website thanks to his webdesigner skills, as well as Paola, who knows better than anybody how to manipulate a wordpress;
  • Nicholas O’Brien, intrepid cyclist and sound engineer, who advised me on which sound/video devices to buy and how to use them;
  • Vincent Fourniau, professor at the EHESS, for all his precious musicology contacts in all the -stan countries of the Accordeonistan;
  • Thomas Liverzay, who, thanks to his fine mastery of photography, enabled to ornament the banner of this website with a splendid picture, and Floriane Leroux, citizen of the Accordeonistan and patient designer, for creating the logo of this project;
  • Steph Beedham, who helped me to translate all that french blog into english;
  • And last but not least, Helene Gregoire, for putting a very small accordion in my hands when i was 10.

Furthermore, i would like to dedicate this project to my grand-ma Ninette, for whom i wish this blog to be nothing more than an invitation to a dreamy musical journey.

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